You know that you’re here to be a part of making an impact in a good way.

You know what needs to happen and the way it needs to get done.

You’ve already accomplished a lot.

The thing is, something’s telling you that you can’t go on the way you’ve been.

Your body’s telling you that you need to make a change.

Your heart and mind want more.

Something’s gotta give.

You're ready to learn how you can make a difference without losing yourself.


Your Next Steps

It all starts with Story...the stories you have about who you are, the world, and your place in it. Most of these stories are hidden in plain sight and some of them cause you to feel stress, fear, or pain.

You are amazing and you are ready to free yourself so you can beam your light out into the world in order to create the change you know you are here to be.

Reach out and we'll start a conversation so you can discover how to make the impact you're here to make without sacrificing yourself.

  • After our work together, I have a stronger and clearer sense and awareness of my choices and the choices I can even create to make my life what I want it to be. Re-learning my sense of worthiness has made a difference in my perspective and created a desire to pursue that which truly makes me feel alive.
    Tracy Epler, Artist & Entrepreneur
  • I have to use the word life-changing. Zette guides me in the principles of what it is to be a more conscious person in both life and work. She helps me identify my own story and to live in a way that is not constricted but expansive.
    Angela Parker, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Hélène Bolduc
    Before working with Zette, I was seeking clarity and focus in my personal journey. I was drawn to her use of Story as a framework for self-discovery. With Zette’s support and nurturance, I was able to see my life story through positive, healthy and healing lenses. I would highly recommend Zette for anyone who is looking to use the power of story to transform their life.
    Hélène Bolduc
  • 5
    You helped me clear away a lot of the “should” clutter in my mind, and now I’m able to move forward with purpose, knowing that my path doesn’t belong to anyone else but ME. You are a gifted coach with joyful intuition.
    Jenny Jordan, TV & Film Editor
  • 5
    The space you held for me was expansive and that enabled me to awaken to and tell my own story. We laughed, cried, and imagined and the result that effortlessly expressed itself was my life purpose. You are a deeply intuitive and talented coach. I treasure our coaching sessions and all your energetic support.
    Kim Mai, High Tech Marketing Director
  • 5
    Working with you helped me discover the path I could not see. I knew I had a place to go but finding it proved unsuccessful time after time, until you helped me hone in on my message. What I found particularly helpful was your encouraging demeanor and ability to help me make connections that I couldn’t on my own.
    Cosenza Faber, Development Director
  • 5
    In our work together, I felt transported to a place of centered-awareness that is very validating and affirming. You are a gifted coach and your keen insight was helpful in guiding me toward discovering my deeper truth. Your keen insight was helpful in guiding me toward discovering my deeper truth and creating a spiritual ceremony for integrating the growth I have recently experienced.
    Dr. Laura Grace, Author, Jungian Analyst
  • 5
    Working with Zette has really allowed me to retrieve parts of myself that I did not realize I had lost somewhere along the way. Her approach to shifting consciousness through storytelling and self-care really helped me put everything together. I have been able to move further, faster, and smarter thanks to her very intuitive coaching skills.
    BLS, Business Owner
  • 5
    Working with you, Zette, has definitely been transforming. You really helped me look at some areas that I was not happy about in myself and helped me write the story and imagine the life I would like to live in detail. I value your ability to listen so clearly and reflect in such a beautifully supportive way. I am truly grateful.
    Patty Czach, co-founder WellBean Bars

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