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Here Are Some Kind Words From Awesome Women I've Worked With

Patty Czach, co-founder WellBean Bars

"Working with you, Zette, has definitely been transforming. 
You really helped me look at some blocks in areas that I was not happy about in myself and helped me sort out a way to look at it to improve not only the actions I take to shift my energy but also to write the story and imagine in detail the life I would like to live. 

That benefited me on so many levels. Without precisely deciding I was going to start my own business, it actually took root and blossomed within six months of our work together. I truly feel that the work cleared the path to that unfolding. I value your ability to listen so clearly and reflect in such a beautifully supportive way. I am truly grateful."

Laura Grace, Author, Jungian Analyst, PhD(c)

"In our work together, I felt transported to a place of centered-awareness that is very validating and affirming. You are a gifted coach and your keen insight was helpful in guiding me toward discovering my deeper truth."

Cosenza Faber, Development Director

"Working with you helped me discover the path I could not see. I knew I had a place to go but finding it proved unsuccessful time after time, until you helped me hone in on my message. What I found particularly helpful was your encouraging demeanor and ability to help me make connections that I couldn’t on my own."

Kim Mai, High Tech Marketing Director

"The space you held for me was expansive and that enabled me to awaken to and tell my own story. We laughed, cried, and imagined and the result that effortlessly expressed itself was my life purpose. You are a deeply intuitive and talented coach. I treasure our coaching sessions and all your  energetic support."

Jenny Jordan, TV & Film Editor

"Our time together was short, sweet and super powerful and I'm so grateful for it! I still use the tools you brought to our sessions almost a year ago.

You helped me clear away a lot of the "should" clutter in my mind, and now I'm able to move forward with purpose, knowing that my path doesn't belong to anyone else but ME. You are a gifted coach with joyful intuition and you clearly love what you do. 

You've helped me recognize that the forks and bumps in my path are not distractions or setbacks, but are to be embraced as part of my unique journey. Thank you for reminding me that the road less traveled is worth it. I feel honored to have worked with you."
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