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Walk only in your own footsteps.
Belong to yourself.
Beam your light out into the world.

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The Forgotten Truth

I’d forgotten because the world wanted me to forget.
Instead, it wanted me to believe a story that I was small and weak,
And that having the ability to sense and feel were flaws.
The world wanted me to believe that being soft was a problem...my problem.
It told me in no uncertain terms to comply or face dire consequences like ridicule, punishment, or even abuse.
You see, it all began when I was young and vulnerable.
Back then, I had no choice but to accept the stories that said I shouldn't feel so much, care so deeply, and especially, want to be loved more fully than was being offered.
To defy what I was being told was to risk my life, emotionally, and maybe even physically.
This was my original betrayal...


How do you know you're headed in the right direction?

Your Life Map

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2 Minutes A Day

You can change your life dramatically with just 2 minutes each day. Don't believe me?

Download this no-cost recording and try this simple, body-sense meditation for 14 days and see for yourself.

Your Next Steps

If you're like me and many of my clients, you've reached the time in your life where you're ready to walk only in your own footsteps, to belong to yourself, and to beam your light out into the world...on your terms!

It's a path not everyone will want to walk but if you do, reach out and we'll start a conversation about the top two to three things you can do RIGHT NOW to get you started.

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The Forgotten Truth

I’d forgotten because the world wanted me to forget.  Instead, it wanted me to believe a story that I was small and weak,  And that having the ability to sense and feel were flaws.  The world wanted me to believe that being soft was a problem…my problem.  It told me in no uncertain terms to […]

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